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Kelly trump from germany - Kelly trump friends party

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Span classnews_dtjul 11 2018spannbsp018332a hrefvideossearchqkellytrumpfromgermanyampru2fsearch3fq3dkelly2520trump2520from2520germanyampviewdetailampmmscnvwrcampmid995f24f4c7ef4890fbf9995f24f4c7ef4890fbf9ampformwvfstd hidserp54741watch videoanbsp018332kelly was upset about the food at nato breakfast not trump germany remark sanders says a number of news outlets including the post speculated that kellys body language was related to the.

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President donald trumps chief of staff john kelly shifted in his seat and despondently looked away as trump called germany a captive of russia however the white house claims that.

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kellys gaze initially fell down the moment trump said germany was supposedly a captive under russian rule then he looked back at trump and at this point kelly who seemed visibly.

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Span classnews_dtjul 11 2018spannbsp018332president business deals is over in europe for a trip that under most presidents would probably float by on the river of news without much of a splash.

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The white house on wednesday acknowledged that chief of staff john kelly was displeased in a video taken earlier in the day but said it was not over president trumps public criticism of germany.

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Just watch john kelly when trump says germany is totally controlled by russia the presidents projection has become an art form.

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The easy answer when asked why kelly seemed irritated during trumps broadside at the germans would have been he wasnt youre misinterpreting his facial expressions to serve your own antitrump.

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